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"Taking cues from the likes of Leif Vollebekk and Nathaniel Rateliff, Fagan’s music is filled with introspective lyrics, questioning anything from relationships to how much he should be drinking...One of Fagan’s greatest strengths lies in his storytelling, weaving concrete images with more abstract feelings that he somehow aptly describes.”



As with Elliott Smith's best work […] it is hard to pull yourself away from these intense and memorable songs.



Praised for his introspective lyrics and vivid storytelling, Portland-based folk artist Arran Fagan has garnered a following in his native Oregon with his uncanny ability to weave the personal and universal. After getting his start in the grassroots music scene of Southern Oregon, Arran has spent the greater part of his life pursuing music, creating wistful and evocative songs that explore themes that connect us all—loss, addiction, change, and the endless passage of time.


With heartfelt lyrics and rich instrumentation that has garnered comparisons to Josh Ritter and Nathaniel Rateliff, Arran has spent years in the NW folk music scene, getting his start playing coffee shops and house shows for college classmates and eventually going on to open for Northwest favorites like Leif Vollebekk, HorseFeathers, Kris Orlowski, Matthew Fowler, and Jeffrey Martin


In 2015, Arran recruited fellow University of Portland students Jack Pfeffer and Jonathan Wiley, and the three worked to perfect a sparse, melodic sound influenced by their individual backgrounds. Arran’s 2018 album “Weight of Time” debuted to a sold-out release show and was followed by a West Coast tour. Praised by outlets like half&half and Elsewhere for its powerful stories, cathartic songwriting, and ability to "[weave] concrete images and abstract feelings," “Weight of Time” saw Arran establish himself as a surefooted and exciting fixture in the Portland folk scene.


After releasing an EP titled "Warmth / Death," Arran took a year-long hiatus while pursuing a Fulbright Grant working as a secondary English teacher in Sarawak, Malaysia. During the pandemic, Arran began recording a new record, “There is More Light,” which will be released on November 4th, 2022.  

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